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We generate your report by looking at more than 7 parameters with different gene region.

The center is raising a conscious future for its athletes using Uniqgene infrastructure.

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Uniqgene Professional Package

Special for “Today's Professionals”

  • Muscle type and structure
  • Risk of injury
  • Recovery after training
  • Energy metabolism
  • Oxygen capacity
  • Motor learning ability
  • Adaptation of the circulatory system
  • 1 year follow-up
  • One-on-one consultation with experts

Uniqgene Potential Package

Special for “future potentials”

  • Muscle type and structure
  • Risk of injury
  • Recovery after training
  • Energy metabolism
  • Oxygen capacity
  • Motor learning ability
  • Adaptation of the circulatory system
  • 1 year follow-up
  • One-on-one consultation with experts

Uniqgene Premium Package

“We Are Always With You”

  • Muscle type and structure
  • Risk of injury
  • Recovery after training
  • Energy metabolism
  • Oxygen capacity
  • Motor learning ability
  • Adaptation of the circulatory system
  • 1 year follow-up
  • One-on-one consultation with experts

23andMe Raw Data Upload

"No need for any package!"

  • Only upload your 23andMe Raw data
  • 14 genes
  • 7 parameters


About Uniqgene

You can follow our blogs for more information about genetic testing and the latest developments!


How do you select gene regions?
As a Uniqgene team, as a result of our R&D studies; We have created packages that we think will give you the most beneficial results with the gene regions that have been verified in more than one study and article, studied in the Turkish population and tested in our own laboratories.
Each gene region was studied with the optimum number of athletes and supported by a special algorithm developed by the Uniqgene team.
For more information, you can follow our blog posts, visit our office or contact us via e-mail and get more detailed information about what you are wondering!
How accurate are my results?
Our tests are carried out in accredited laboratories with CE certified devices. The reports we prepare for you according to the test results are prepared by the molecular biologists and geneticists in our team, based on completely scientific data.
It should be noted that; Sports and nutrition are affected not only by your genetic characteristics, but also by environmental conditions. Although research states that 55%-80% of athletic success is based on genetic factors, the remaining percentage depends on your determination to apply your test result and your lifestyle.
Remember, you are much more than a test result! We, as Uniqgene team, are here to reveal your potential in the light of your genetic knowledge and to produce personal solutions that will lead you to success!
Is my personal data shared with others?
Your personal data is safe with Uniqgene data system. With the Personal Data Protection Law and ISO27001 data security certificate, your information is not shared with any 3rd party unless you give your permission.
For future research, it is only submitted to your approval by our research team in case of anonymous use of your data. The samples you send are only tested and stored in Uniqgene laboratories in Turkey.
Unlike other companies, your data is not shared with other laboratories, whether domestic or abroad.
Do I need to run the tests again later?
Your genetics are determined before you are born and do not change throughout your life. For this reason, the tests you will have will reflect you and create your genetic background.
With this; Metabolism insights, vitamin deficiencies, your mental health and some environmental factors (smoking, various diseases, etc.) may affect your sports performance and your potential for injury.
As the Uniqgene team, in order to obtain more effective and long-term healthy results, by consulting your doctor after receiving your report results; We recommend that you complete your vitamin and mineral deficiencies, if any, with a blood test.
Will my child be adversely affected by the results?
Uniqgene tests are developed for you to discover your potential. Although the results are personal, none of our reports affect the person negatively, on the contrary, it helps the person to choose different sports branches in which he can be successful.
While Uniqgene offers you more than one option; It allows you to offer your child a different future by going beyond traditional sports branches such as football, basketball and volleyball.
The data that make up the report is the result of a database that we have prepared entirely from scientific articles, and it aims to prevent future disabilities that your child may experience and to prevent the loss of time, effort and money that may occur due to wrong choices.

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A team of not only genetics experts, but also athletes; We aim to produce the most accurate information with our advisory board specialized in sports, science and analytics.

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Uniqgene is powered by the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly, giving athletes lifelong guidance. Thanks to the most accurate and comprehensive results, we produce long-term solutions for you that you can always reach.

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